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Baby Wipes & Wet Tissues

What is the difference between Moisturizing Cloths & your normal Baby Wipes, the red colour packet one?

Moisturizing Cloths contains lanolin (a moisturizer) and uses lattice weave fabric that catches sticky and water stools easily. Whereas for Baby Wipes (red packaging), it contains mostly pure water and uses plain weave fabric that is soft on babies.

Can I use baby wipe to wipe my baby’s face & mouth?

Baby Wipes are recommended for use on baby’s bottom which is the most delicate body part, and they are also safe to wipe on baby’s bodies and face.  However, to wipe your baby’s mouth and hands after feeding, we recommend our Hand and Mouth Wipes, which contains 100% food grade ingredients.

What is the difference between Hand & Mouth wet tissue & Anti-bacterial wet tissue?

Both wet tissues contain 100% food grade ingredients that are safe for babies.  The main difference between these two items is in the usage occasion. Anti-bacterial wet tissue is used to disinfect feeding utensils, teethers and pacifiers, especially ideal for outdoor where soap and water are not readily available. Whereas Hand & Mouth wet tissue is gentle and safe to use on your baby’s hands face and mouth, especially during feeding.