Manual Breast Pump

Manual Breast Pump

For mothers who like simplicity and fuss-free pumps


  • Comfort ProperFit™” Soft Silicone Cushion
    • Provides a secure seal and comfortable fit for more efficient pumping
  • 2 Phase Technology – Stimulation and Expression modes
    • Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow and Expression mode to maximize milk flow
  • Ergonomic easy-express handle 
    • Reduces hand fatigue for comfortable and easy pumping
  • Quiet, compact and lightweight 
    • For a discreet pumping experience
  • Simple and easy 
    • Fewer parts, which makes it easy to assemble, use and clean
  • No backflow feature
    • Hygienic design to prevent milk from flowing back to the funnel 
  • Bottle stand 
    • Secures bottle to prevent spills


Accessories Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion - large size, 
Peristaltic PLUS™ nipple SS size, hood, cap, sealing disc
Sterilization Method Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical

Flange / stem / main body / handle / bottle stand /   
hood / cap / bottle

    Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion / 
diaphragm / silicone valve / nipple / sealing disk
- Silicone rubber
Product Code 16733    
Jan 4902508167338