Bottle & Baby Food Warmer

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This safe and effective bottle and food warmer ensures uniform heating by using warm water around bottles and food placed inside. This gentle heating ensures nutrients are still retained and only takes about 3 minutes to warm it up. The machine beeps when it’s done, ensuring you get the optimal temperature while serving it up to your little one! For warming up milk and baby food such as congee or puree.


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Comes with a food tray with a unique handle for easy handling

Able to control heating temperature, ensuring that the nutrition in the milk or food is maintained at the optimal temperature at all times

Fits all bottle size

Part Sterilization Method
Milk Bottle Ladle, Food Tray / Cover Boiling, Steam, Microwave
Milk Warmer, Heating Plate Do not Sterilize
Part Material Heat Resistance
Milk Bottle Ladle, Food Tray / Cover Polypropylene 110°C
Milk Warmer Polypropylene 110°C
Heating Plate Stainless Steel

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