Breastmilk Storage Bottle 120ml (3pcs)

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Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bottles provide a convenient solution to store and feed, supporting mothers in their breastfeeding journey. Compatible with most slim neck breast pumps


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Our series of breastmilk storage bottles are ideal solution to store and feed

  • For convenient storage of breast milk in refrigerator or freezer
  • Compatible with most slim neck breast pumps
  • Fun and colourful designs to add cheer to mum’s breastfeeding routine
  • BPA/BPS Free

Storage Recommendation:
Breastmilk is full of nutrition. It is highly recommended to store expressed breastmilk in refrigerator /freezer if it is not to be consumed immediately

Recommended not to sit fresh, thawed and warmed breast milk at room temperature for more than 2 hours, 10 hours and 1 hour respectively.

Do not mix newly-expressed breast milk with the frozen milk that has been stored.

Refrigerator (4°C or below) Freezer (around -18°C)
Freshly Expressed Breastmilk 24 hours 3 months (recommended),

6 months (usable)

Thawed Breastmilk (Thawed in refrigerator or under running water) 24 hours* Do not refreeze

*Do not refreeze thawed breast milk.

Thawing Frozen Breastmilk:
After storing in refrigerator/freezer, thaw milk in warm water (about 40°C). Do not thaw milk using boiling water or microwave oven. Changing water frequently will allow the milk to warm up faster than leaving it in the same water.

Warming Breastmilk:
Warm expressed breastmilk using Pigeon bottle & baby food warmer or by placing bottle of milk in a container of warm water.

 Always wash and sterilize all parts before each use. It is recommended to sterilize by boiling, steam, chemical or UV*
Do not boil or use boiling water or a microwave to thaw or heat chilled or frozen breast milk. Doing so will destroy the nutrients in breast milk. In addition, the uneven heating may cause hot spots in the liquid which could cause burns to the throat.
Place storage bottles upright when storing in refrigerator or freezer.
All parts that are not in use must be kept out of children’s reach. Be careful, dropping frozen bottle may cause breakage.

*It is recommended to replace the product when it starts to discolour and/or turn cloudy.

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