Disney Nursing Bottle Pouch

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This bottle pouch protects nursing bottle while on the go. It also supports drinks to be at body temperature (40°C) which is the appropriate temperature for babies to drink.


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  • This product is not able to keep the temperature of hot water above 70°C for a long period of time. Hence this product is not suitable to be used as a bottle warmer.
  • The effect of heat-retention differs according to the amount of liquid, outside temperature etc.

Directions to Wash

  • When using laundry machine, put the product in laundry net
  • Close the zipper before washing
  • Do not use brush or chlorine bleaching agent
  • Do use tumbler dryer
  • Do not iron the product
  • Hang in the shade when drying
  • Do not use dry-cleaning


  • Always use this product under adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product.
  • Be careful of burn when using hot water.
  • Do not bring prepared formula milk or cow milk as the milk may go bad.
  • Plastic bottles are recommended to bring outdoor. Glass bottles have risks of breakage with accidental dropping.
  • Screw the cap lightly and use the hood to make sure there is no leakage.
  • Liquid may seep through from stitching if there is any leakage from bottle
  • If there is leakage of milk or juice, please wash the product immediately
  • Water repellant effect may deteriorate along with the usage and frequency
  • Insert the buckle securely when using.
  • The color of printing may come off due to friction.
Part Material
Outer Cotton
Inner Polyethylene, polyester
Belt Polypropylene
Buckle Polyacetal

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