SofTouch™ Wide Neck Newborn Starter Kit PP

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Pigeon Newborn Starter Kit has everything you need to feed and ease the baby. Use the sponge brush to effectively clean our bottles without scratching the bottles.

Product Quantity
Wide Neck SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS PP Bottles with SS size teats, 160ml 2
Wide Neck SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS PP Bottle with M size teat, 240ml 1
Step 1 Training Teether 1
Newborn Silicone Pacifier with hood (assorted colour) 1
Sponge bottle brush 1


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Ideal for breastfed baby
Anti-Colic System

0+ months

Clinically tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle
Shaped to help minimize swallowed air
Advanced venting system to prevent gas
SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple – 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement
Bottle is made from Polypropylene (PP) material which is durable and lightweight
BPA Free

Our PP/PPSU Nursing Bottles (both Wide-Neck and Slim-Neck) can be sterilized using the Rapid Steam Sterilizer.

Babies transit better from breast to bottle feeding with the Wide Neck Nursing Bottles as their mouths open widely when sucking from their mother’s breast. Hence, it is advisable for babies to try the Wide Neck Nursing Bottles to allow them to use the natural sucking motion learned at the breast.

Training Teether

Strong color scheme to attract baby

Step 1 (4+ months) – Air holes and teething pad to prevent choking

Easy to grip

Movable rings give a rattling sound to attract babies’ attention

Made of soft material

BPA Free

Sponge Brush 

Easy handle and finger grip at the most appropriate angle for ease of washing

Double layer sponge catches dirt and cleans walls of bottles effectively

Folded sponge at the tip can effectively clean and remove tough stains at the bottom of bottle

Sterilization Method
Boiling, Chemical, Steam
Part Material Heat Resistance
Bottle Polypropylene (PP) 110°C
Cap Polypropylene (PP) 120°C
Hood Polypropylene (PP) 120°C
Nipple Silicone Rubber 120°C
Teether Body TPE 120°C
Teether Ring ABS Resin 120°C
Soother Nipple Silicone rubber 120°C
Soother Hood Polypropylene 120°C
Soother Shield Polypropylene 120°C
Sponge N/A N/A

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