Training Chopsticks Yellow (Left Handed)

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Pigeon’s Training Chopsticks are developed based on the behavioural research of Professor Takafumi Ooka from Showa University in Japan. The unique design indicates the optimum position of the toddler’s fingers and guides your toddler towards the correct handling of chopsticks. It also prevents incorrect handling method like fist griping or crossed chopsticks.

The age of which a toddler learns to use chopsticks varies from individual; with most children, this occurs about two years old.



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Uniquely designed with support bar to enhance mobility skills

  • Unique design indicated optimum positions of fingers
  • Provided guidance to correct handling of chopsticks
  • Scientifically designed to prevent chopsticks crossing
  • Diagonal Bridge supports a fixed distance and angle
  • Position support, optimum position for index and middle finger to guiding
  • Non-Slip tip with grooves on outer surfaces
  • BPA free
  • Suitable for 2 years onwards


Always use this product with adult supervision.  Do not leave it next to open flame. Always check food temperature before feeding. Before first use, clean throughly and sterilize. This is to ensure hygiene. Inspect before each use. Discard at first sign of damage or weakness. Clean before each use. Certain food may leave stains and odours. Clean product immediately after each use. If sterilization is required, only use chemical sterilization method. Do not use boiling or steam sterilization. Do not separate the Outer Chopsticks and the Inner Chopsticks

Part Material Heat Resistance
Chopsticks AS Resin 90°C

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