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Seminar – Breastfeeding: ‘Be Outright, It’s Your Right’

Catering to mothers and soon-to-be-mothers, this event bring about the best in ladies that are already/entering motherhood. Breastfeeding is known to be beneficial to the little ones. Many new mothers breastfeeds according to what they have been told by the people around them. But do you ladies know the right way? Do you know there are more to just breastfeeding?

Our event will include itinerary such as

  • Talks by Ms Mythili on Breastfeeding (from Breastfeeding Mother Support Group)
  • Baby Massage & Baby Shower demonstrations by SGH
  • Talks & Demonstration by Mdm Salwa on Breast Massage & Heat Theraphy (from Mummy Massage)

Apart from just the itinerary, there will be a goodie bag worth $50 of Pigeon Products & also t-shirt for supporting husbands.

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