We recommend parents to change nursing bottles (applicable to all types of materials if using boiling, steam & chemical sterilizations) every 6-12 months for hygiene purposes.


If you see any stubborn milk stains, scratches or discoloration on the Nursing Bottle, it is an indication to consider changing to new nursing bottles.


If you prefer UV Sterilizer as the main sterilization method to sterilize PIGEON plastic and silicone material products, you may continue to do so.


When using UV sterilizer with drying function, it is necessary to place the bottle body at least 1 inch (2.54cm) away from the inner wall/ceiling where the air ventilation outlet is. This may avoid any damage or deterioration of the bottle.


However, do note that UV Sterilization may subject the material to premature aging, especially if it is subjected to repeated sterilization. Therefore, we recommend you replace the product when it starts to discolour and/or turns cloudy.