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Successful Breastfeeding Seminar 2019

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I’ve been using gomini ever since i first bought it. It’s lightweight and super convenient. The only thing that was lacking is that the valves were too delicate and easily torn. I called the hq and i received extra valves. Customer service was good. Thank you for the extra milk valves. And till today, i depend on gomini ever since. My go to breast pump.


I'm a first time mum and I haven't had much experience with other pumps. But eventually decided to try this out of all the others that I was told cause they had a promotion. It's pretty easy to assemble and straightforward to use. So far it has served me well. Took me about 15mins to pump. Not too sure if this is the average for the rest of the pumps?? So far so good!


Love the size of it - so handy and portable! and it even improve my output volume. Never regret for investing another breastpump!

Shirley L.

I finally found a pump that is easy and convenient for me to bring around. Really like the small motor size as I can put it together with my power bank in a small pouch. Now i can leave my other bulky pump at home and keep this pump in my 'go-out' bag, no need to worry that i will forget to pack my pump in the morning rush hour. Will definitely recommend to mums who want a more portable pump!

Vera A.

I have recently stumbled upon the Electric GoMini Breast Milk Pump and no doubt at all and this is the best one. This double breast pump is simple to use, lightweight, easy to carry anywhere in small bag and prevents a backflow of milk with the position tube holder which eases handling while pumping. Highly recommended!!


It was a struggle and a lot of crying sessions from both me and my daughter when we were trying to transition her from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. I have bought and tried all kinds of bottles. From cheap one to the most costly bottles. My mom recommended Pigeon bottles as she said it's been around for many years. I was skeptical at first but then my daughter loves it. She enjoyed the teats a lot. She loves the bottle with a handles too! From there on, 2.5years after we never looked back. We have been recommending the brand eversince.