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Every baby is born with a remarkable gift: the ability to be truly themselves.

Pigeon believes in preserving
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Our years of experience in serving generations of babies has taught us there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to development.

Each baby deserves to progress at their own pace and to become whoever they want to be.

We strive to encourage curiosity, celebrate diversity, and open horizons, because a society that treasures these things is one that will grow up to be creative, inclusive, and free.

Babies grow in different ways & every way is unique

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Breastfeeding is a natural way of
Giving the best to your baby
It is the most unique ability of a mom and an admirable strength
We’re here to support that in every way you need to give you the best experience

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Successful Breastfeeding Seminar – 15 July 2023

PIGEON is collaborating with Dr Wong Boh Boi for our Successful Breastfeeding Seminar in 2023.   Join our highly informative and empowering breastfeeding seminar, designed to equip you with the...

Successful Breastfeeding Seminar – 14 May 2022

PIGEON is collaborating with Sister Kang for our 1st Successful Breastfeeding Seminar for 2022. So, come and join us to know more about essential tips as well as the role...

Successful Breastfeeding Webinar with Practical Parenting Tips – November 2021

This November, PIGEON is collaborating once again with the expert, Dr Wong Boh Boi, for our Successful Breastfeeding Webinar 2021!   So, come and join us to know more about essential...

Successful Breastfeeding Seminar – May 2021

Pigeon is collaborating with Sister Kang Phaik Gaik for our 1st Successful Breastfeeding Seminar with Hands-on Session for 2021. So come and join us to know more about essential tips...

Successful Breastfeeding Webinar ‘Ask The Expert’ – August 2020

We wanted to delve deeper into the burning questions that parents have and thus we did a breastfeeding webinar for 'Ask the Expert' and it was indeed a successful and...

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I have started to use the go mini pump and like it alot, I found it really efficient!


Did not use the Pump much as it was not as mobile as it seems. It only works when plugged into a power source or power bank. Recommended to have a wireless version for easy portability.

Grace Koh

Am a first time working mum and decided to get this pump because it looked compact and simple…and it is! Am glad how convenient it is to plug into my laptop to pump as I work, and how easy it is to operate and bring around. Haven’t tried other pumps but this seems to meet my needs. Another plus is the customer service who is super helpful. Hopefully pigeon can develop a wireless breast pump soon!

Cathy C

I really love this pump. Even though It’s so light and compact, It does a great job of emptying the boobs. I managed to build a healthy stash just with my go mini. Sound level is acceptable. It’s great that it can be connected to a power bank so you dont have to rely on the wall plug. My only wish is if pigeon creates their own version of a closed system collection cup so that if I pump it at my work desk, it will be more discreet cos currently I cannot find any closed system collection cup that is compatible with a pigeon pump. But overall, I would totally recommend the go mini.


As a working mum, the Pigeon GoMini is easily assembled and taken apart. No fussing around. It’s also compact in size which allows me to fit it all into one big outing bag instead of bringing an extra L bag anywhere!

Sheena C