Dear Mums

Are you stressed out over difficulties in breastfeeding?
Does your baby experience nipple confusion when you bottle feed?
Fret not, we have just the solution for you!

Pigeon offers essential tools like bottles, nipples and feeding accessories to help your baby receive optimal goodness from expressed breast milk at times when your baby cannot be nursed directly.

Our newly improved SofTouch™ Wide Neck nipple, backed by over 60 years of in-depth research has proven to give babies the most comfortable and natural feed time.

Trust us, you will have a peace of mind.

Backed by extensive research on baby’s sucking behaviour since 1949

Ever wondered how babies suck?

There are 3 key steps involved in baby’s sucking

1. Latching On

The lips open outward and latch onto the areola.

2. Sucking

“Wave-like” tongue movement squeezes the nipple and extracts milk.

3. Swallowing

The back of the tongue rises, channeling the milk into the esophagus.

Research on the development
of latch-on line

SofTouch™ features

Latch-on line

Guides mother and baby to appropriate latching position.

Soft & flexible silicone material

Softest amongst all brands, as if drinking naturally from mother’s breast.

Anti-colic system

Advanced venting system provides smooth milk flow and prevents baby from swallowing unnecessary gas.

Learn how SofTouch™ nipple fulfills the 3 key steps of sucking for a smooth feeding experience

Limited Edition Series

Creating a more baby-friendly world

These nursing bottles represent Pigeon's commitment to a sustainable future for all babies growing up.

Our tin cans and bottles are decorated with drawings of animals in a beautiful biodiversity which we want to protect.

Treasure every precious moment

Every baby is unique and is a special gift to all parents. Use this tin can as a time capsule to hold precious memories of your baby growing up.

The Animal Project is a social enterprise that celebrates the abilities of artists with autism and related challenges. These artists love animals and enjoy drawing them quickly and intuitively without hesitation. By curating quality lifestyle products from their artworks, TAP seeks to raise awareness and contribute to people with special needs in Singapore. Our artist, Tay Jun-Yi, earns income when you buy this special nursing bottle.

Meet the Artist, Tay Jun-Yi

Jun-Yi loves to draw a myriad of animals in vicarious situations. He engineers social interactions among his animals – which is something he rarely initiates with. With just a black marker pen, he draws each animal intuitively without any hesitation, and each carries a different expression.

Encapsulate precious memories of your baby with our SofTouch™ Biomass-PP nursing bottles

Explore the full range of your natural feeding


(Biomass Polypropylene)

  • Limited edition
  • Link to 100% bio-based plastic
  • Ink-free laser printing on bottles
  • Includes ‘time capsule’ tin cans
  • Collaborative effort with The Animal Project to celebrate talent and inclusion of those with special needs

Available in 75ml (PP/PPSU)


(Poly-cyclohexylene dimethylene naphthalate)

  • Exclusive material with glass-like clarity
  • UV sterilizer-friendly
  • BPA/BPS-free

Available in 200ml & 300ml



  • Medical grade plastic
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • BPA/BPS-free

Available in 160ml & 240ml



  • Durable & light weight plastic
  • BPA/BPS-free

Available in 160ml, 240ml & 330ml
(For non-design bottle only)

Available in 160ml only

Available in 240ml only


(Borosilicate Glass)

  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent transparency
  • BPA/BPS-free

Available in 160ml & 240ml

Bottle Material Comparison Chart

Bottle Type






Clarity & high resistance to UV degradation

Medical grade plastic

Durable & light weight plastic

Excellent transparency





Borosilicate Glass

Bisphenol A/S (BPA/BPS)





Heat Resistance





Steam/Boiling Sterilization
Chemical Sterilization
UV Sterilization
Resistance to Breakage

*T-Ester is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (Co., Inc) in Japan
** Refers to thermal shock resistance

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