Mineral residues may deposit on the heating plate after a few sterilisation cycles. To avoid limescale from building up, wipe the surfaces with a soft clean cloth after each use.Basic Maintenance (Using Lemon Juice Method)
1. Extract 160ml of lemon juice into a cup.
2. Pour onto the heating plate without boiling. DO NOT start any cycle of the steriliser.
3. Leave it on for 30 minutes.
4. Use a soft clean cloth to remove remaining limescale.
5. Rinse with a cup of clean water and use a soft dry clean cloth to wipe dry.

Monthly Maintenance (Using Vinegar Method)
1. Mix 80ml of water and 40ml of vinegar into a cup.
2. Pour the solution on the heating plate & cover the steriliser with the lid cover. Do not place other parts (bottle tray 6 accessories tray) during descaling.
3. Press the Button twice to Sterilise Function Only to boil for l minute 30 Seconds.
4. Switch OFF the main power & leave the steriliser to stand for 30 minutes. CAUTION: Combined mixture is HOT.
5. With a clean soft cloth, wipe off any stains or limescale.
6. Drain & rinse steriliser to wash away vinegar solution.
7. Pour 160ml of clean water, switch ON to run a full cycle. (AUTO Mode)
8. Switch OFF the main power, rinse & wipe clean the steriliser.

Refer to product manual for more detailed information.