Pigeon is among Best Japan Brands for the fifth year running

Pigeon Corporation was included on Interbrand Japan’s annual Best Japan Brands list for the fifth year running. In the Best Japan Brands 2024 list, Pigeon ranks 77th.

Brand Leaders Interview

Pigeon’s President and CEO Norimasa Kitazawa was interviewed for the Best Japan Brands 2024 Brand Leaders Interview series.
He discusses the brand’s positioning and perspectives, employee engagement based on the brand, and our next initiatives in the interview.
▼ The interview is available at the following address: https://www.interbrandjapan.com/ja/bjb/japan_brands/2023/pigeon/interview.html

Best Japan brand Pigeon


What is “Best Japan Brands 2024?”

Interbrand Japan, Japan’s largest branding company (headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masahito Namiki), has announced Best Japan Brands 2024, a ranking of Japanese brand values using its proprietary Brand Valuation™ method to convert brand value into monetary value. This is the 16th year these rankings have been announced. Best Japan Brands uses the same valuation methods used in Best Global Brands, a global brand value ranking Interbrand has announced every year since 2000. The ranking analysis incorporates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data in order to evaluate not only the value that brands provide to customers but also how each company addresses its current and future social role and responsibilities.

▼Please refer to the press release from Interbrand Japan for the consideration of the result.

2024 Brand Value Interview Pigeon

Pigeon is evaluated based on these points:

Pigeon continues to develop internal and external initiatives based on the brand’s Purpose which is “We want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs”.

Based on this Purpose, Pigeon, as a brand that is always close to babies, proposed a “Vision of a Baby-Friendly Future” and defined the materiality of issues that only Pigeon can solve to realize this vision, which is one of the pillars of its business.

“Brand strategy” is positioned as one of the 3 core basic strategies in the 8th Medium-Term Business Plan.

Based on the baby bottle business in Japan and other Asian countries, where Pigeon owns a large market share, the brand will aggressively expand its business in the baby category and new areas, as well as on a global scale, and continue to take on the challenge of making the world truly a baby-friendly place.