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Liquid Cleanser

Why is there not much bubble when I am using your liquid cleanser?
The Liquid Cleanser is made from food-grade ingredients and safe to use. Its unique low foaming formula make its perfect for easy rinsing yet at the same time the formula works well to clean away milk stains.
Is it unnecessary to sterilize nursing bottles, nipples, etc., if I use Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for cleaning?
Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is a detergent, so it should not be used for sterilization. Please sterilize nursing bottles, nipples, and other parts after washing them sufficiently with the detergent by any of the following methods; sterilization by boiling, microwave steam, or with a chemical solution. In addition, when sterilizing with microwave steam, please use a special sterilization container.
Is Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for soaking and washing?
Just like normal household detergents, it can be dispensed directly on a brush or sponge to do cleaning. It can also be used for soaking.
What is Liquid Cleanser? What is the purpose of this product?

PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the ideal and safe cleanser to be used for cleaning baby accessories such as nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys.  You can even use it to wash fruits and vegetables.  It contains 100% food grade ingredients, and minimises baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals.  It is strong and effective against dirt and milk stains yet harmless and safe for babies. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial properties, and is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria. 

Why is PIGEON Liquid Cleanser more expensive than others?

PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the only brand available in Singapore that is made with 100% food grade ingredients, which makes it an ideal cleanser that is safe for babies. Such food grade ingredients are more expensive than other ingredients which are not food grade. 

How long can you keep PIGEON Liquid Cleanser after it is opened?
Please do not store it in high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight and use it as soon as possible after opening the package.