The Pigeon DNA and the Pigeon Way

In order that all Pigeon employees should embody a baby-friendly world as we strive to realize our
purpose, we have updated Pigeon Way. (February 14, 2023)

Pigeon DNA
Pigeon DNA

Together, the Pigeon DNA and the Pigeon Way comprise the Pigeon’s philosophy
that each and every Pigeon employee upholds in the course of their duties.
The Pigeon DNA, made up of our Corporate Philosophy and Credo,
has been the core of Pigeon throughout its history and will remain so into the future.
The Pigeon Way, made up of our Purpose, Values, and Action Principles, is the cornerstone of all our activities.
It embodies our “heart and soul” and sets the grounds for our actions to stream from this core.

Pigeon DNA
Pigeon Way

Pigeon DNA

The core of Pigeon throughout its history and into the future

Corporate Philosophy・Credo

Corporate Philosophy

The essence and core of our company




Our fundamental belief based on the corporate philosophy


Only love can

beget love

“Developing products and services full of love, because only love can beget love.”

What is ultimately the most valuable asset of all humanity? I would say “the ability to treasure other people”, that is, “love”. This is the credo of the Pigeon Group.

The Pigeon Group is a corporate entity that provides products and services for babies, children and those who need assistance. We won’t be able to generate products and services full of love if we lack the spirit ourselves. This is the same spirit that a mother feels for the precious baby she is nurturing. I believe the spirit of love is the foundation for all our business activities, and symbolises the corporate philosophy of the Pigeon Group as a whole.

Yoichi Nakata, June 23, 198

Pigeon Way

The cornerstone of all our activities. It embodies our “heart and soul” and sets the grounds for our actions to stream from this core


Our reason for being and the role we should play in society

We want to make the world more baby-
friendly by furthering our commitment to
understanding and addressing babies’
unique needs


Important attributes for all Pigeon employees


  • We will embody our Purpose in society with diligence and in the right approach.

  • We will not exclusively seek profit but instead will endeavor to create win-win relationships with stakeholders.

  • We will demonstrate respect and appreciation for diversity (differences among races, sexes, cultures, religions, languages, etc).

Communication, Consent, Trust

  • We will foster trust by understanding people’s varying goals through communication with consideration to others, and by supporting them to achieve the goals.
  • We will carefully provide consumers and other stakeholders with information and engage in interactive communication with them to ensure they understand the purpose of our plans and actions.
  • We will seek to deepen mutual understanding and carry out our work with a high level of trust through communication that transcends the barriers of cultural diversity.


  • We will continue to innovate to achieve better results without compromise and without taking the easier route.
  • We will take tackle difficult tasks with confidence and courageously take on new challenges.
  • We will approach our work with enthusiasm and a firm determination to succeed.

Action Principles

The basic guideline for driving all of our actions


  • We will act without delay and endeavor to speed up the progress of our business.
  • We will always think one step ahead and make a habit of being prepared.
  • We will constantly collect information and acquire knowledge in order to make correct and prompt decisions.

Keep sight of consumers

  • All of the company activities are to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.
  • We will strive to understand the lifestyles, behavior and thinking of consumers to anticipate difficulties and perceive consumers’ unconscious desires, allowing us to offer new solutions and new value.
  • We will assess and verify all activities from the consumers’ perspective and endeavor at all times to improve and refresh our activities.

Global collaboration among competent individuals

  • We will foster personnel with the skills and expertise to play active roles globally.
  • We as individuals will voluntarily and actively study and acquire knowledge to enhance our analytical, logical thinking and communication skills and then refine our skills in the workplace.
  • We will resolve difficult issues and produce outstanding added value by collaborating across organizational boundaries and national borders.

Leadership and logical working style

  • We will not wait for instructions but will think, suggest and act independently.
  • All employees will recognize that they are leaders in their respective areas of responsibility and will pursue success with a sense of ownership.
  • We will ensure that our decision making and our actions are founded in objective and rational thought processes.

Willingness to change

  • We will not remain satisfied once good results have been accomplished but will continue to take on new challenges in pursuit of our ideals.
  • We will not rest on past successes, but rather seek out new wisdom and develop our own new unique approaches based on present conditions and future prospects.
  • We will initiate change rather than be forced into change.

My Pigeon Way Story

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All our employees are fully aware of the Pigeon Way when they perform their duties each day. We have the opportunities to share what we have achieved in our Pigeon Way initiatives with the rest of the organization. Here are some of the essays contributed by our employees entitled “My Pigeon Way Story” that characterize their passion and commitment.