Love Our Planet

Pigeon is committed to building a sustainable future, protecting the planet that our babies will inherit.

Our Initiatives

Go Green and Recycle with Pigeon

As part of our Go Green program, we’ve spearheaded a nation-wide recycling initiative to collect used plastic baby bottles. With your help, we want to collect a minimum of 50,000 units of plastic bottles by 2023. The plastic from the bottles collected will be crushed into smaller pieces to become raw materials, and exported to make new plastic items or parts for toys.

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Pigeon’s Eco Toddlers

We believe in nurturing children’s love for the planet; partnering with 5 preschools in Singapore, such as TwinkleKidz, Camberley, House on the Hill (and many more to come) to teach children the importance of protecting the environment through videos and interactive learning. We’ve made it easy for parents in these preschools to drop off their used baby bottles. We will be expanding the list of preschools to make it convenient for more parents to join this initiative.

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House on the Hill




Eco Mark products

To help you choose products that are gentler to our planet, we’ve developed our very own Eco Mark label.

Eco Mark products have undergone Pigeon’s Life Cycle Assessment to ensure they are manufactured with fewer natural resources, produce less waste when they are being made or have eco-friendly packaging made with FSC certified paper, which is paper harvested in a responsible manner, or is made with recycled plastics. Eco Mark products that are RSPO-certified also support the production of certified sustainable palm oil. Look out for our sustainable products with the FSC, RSPO certifications or Eco Mark label.

Learn more We believe in creating a world where every baby is celebrated for who they are. Check out our key initiatives for a more baby-friendly world here

FSC certified paper packaging from responsible source

FSC certified paper packaging from responsible source

Advocates sustainable palm oil production; bottle made with recycled plastic