Kurotto Straw Bottle

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New from Japan, Kurotto Straw Bottle holds a larger capacity of 330ml. It’s simple design is user-friendly and comes in kids’ favorite designs like the animal, flower and dinosaur!


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  • Rotating hood to open and close easily
  • Large diameter bottle for easy cleaning

Caution: Be sure to disassemble and wash before use. Be sure to check that there are no scratches, cracks or deformation on each part before using it. Keep out of reach of children. Use it under the supervision of parents. Due to changes in temperature and air pressure, the pressure inside the bottle may increase and drinks may squirt out from the tip of the straw. Be careful of hot drinks (40°C or higher), chilled drinks and carbonated drinks especially on airplanes (at high altitudes). After use, disassemble all parts and wash immediately as it may be difficult to remove dirt, give off an odor and cause mold.

Parts Material Heat Resistance  Cold resistance Sterilization Method
Boil Steam Chemical
Bottle Polypropylene 120°C -20°C O O O
Straw Top Part Silicone Rubber
Straw Tube Polyethylene 70°C X X

Bottle Capacity: 390ml

Maximum scale: 330ml

Gasket: Made in Japan

Other parts assembly: Made in Thailand

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animal, dinosuar, flower

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