For mothers who feel tired when breastfeeding

It’s hard to stay positive when you feel tired. Babies are very sensitive to their mothers’ moods. It’s good for both the mother and the baby if the mother’s fatigue is relieved, so seek support from your family or get some time for yourself in a positive way.

Physical fatigue

  1. Frequent feedings can interrupt sleep

Newborns need time to master breastfeeding. Sometimes they can take in a lot, another time only a little, and the frequency with which they want to take in breast milk differs at different times.

However, rest assured that you will both settle into a rhythm as your baby gets used to breastfeeding. It is also possible for you to arrange your lifestyle around the baby’s demands.


  1. Feeling exhausted while caring for your baby and feeding

Strength and energy are needed for the mother to hold her baby and breastfeed many times a day.

If you are feeling physically tired after breastfeeding and caring your child on your own, it is good to seek the support from your partner or other family members at home to care for your baby while you take a break and rest for a while. This may also create a bond between other family members and the baby.

Mental fatigue

TIP 1:

Make time to rest

A mother could feel tired and sleepy after breastfeeding. It is important to make time for rest, like taking a nap with your baby, to relieve your fatigueless instead of doing housework while your baby is asleep.

TIP 2:

Make time for yourself

It's important to make time for yourself once in a while. If it is hard to seek the support of your family, another option is to use a day nursery, babysitter service or confinement nanny service. It is a good chance to take a look at what is important to you, and you will be a better mother when you see your baby the next time.

Don't forget to express breast milk beforehand and have them give it to your baby when you leave the baby at a day nursery or with a babysitter. It is also important to pump when you and baby are apart so your breasts do not become overfull and so you can ensure that you are keeping your supply up.

TIP 3:

Exercising with your baby

Taking a walk with your baby can refresh both of you. In addition, these days there are more gyms or facilities where you can exercise with your baby. Exercising with your baby lets you to feel refreshed and reshapes your body postpartum and it can also be a pappy time for your baby to bond with you.


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