Mothers generally breastfeed their babies at least 8-10 times in a 24-hour period and feedings can last from 10-30 minutes at a time but this can vary. It is important for moms to watch their babies for their hunger cues and not watch the clock. It is important for mothers to feel relaxed to continue to breastfeed. Holding your baby correctly and helping you baby latch on are very important for smooth breastfeeding. Appropriate latching and positioning will help the baby take in breast milk effectively and reduce or prevent discomfort when breastfeeding.


Positioning involves holding your baby appropriately and maintaining appropriate posture while breastfeeding. There are 4 main ways to position your baby, and the following points are important.

We’ve created a guide to breastfeeding to prepare you of what’s to come and build your confidence in conquering this!

You can read the full guide here: Pigeon Breastfeeding Guide

4 basic points for good positioning

TIP 1:

Keep your baby's head and body in a straight line.

TIP 2:

Your baby's face is towards you and his mouth and nose are facing your nipple 

TIP 3:

Hold your baby close to you to ensure your baby takes in as much nipple and areola.

TIP 4:

Keep your baby's head and body aligned and back well supported.

breastfeeding posture


newborn breastfeeding

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