How to continue breastfeeding after returning to work

Breast milk will keep the relationship between you and your baby close when you can’t be with your baby. Seek the understanding of your family, employer and child-care worker so that you can balance a career and raising your child.


Tips to continue breastfeeding after returning to work :

TIP 1:

You may inform the staff of the childcare centre or care giver not to feed baby too full nearer the time for you to fetch your baby.

TIP 2:

Make use of facilities such as nursing rooms, which enable mothers to express breast milk.

TIP 3:

It's a good idea to bring something that will relax you such as your baby's photo to look at while expressing breast milk at the workplace.

TIP 4:

It's best to freeze the breast milk that you express during the day, and have it thawed and given to baby at the nursery centre.

TIP 5:

You should plan to express at times similar to your baby's breastfeeding timings. You may also express in between the sessions to relieve any breast engorgement or to stimulate milk production for increased milk supply.

TIP 6:

You may wish to consider preparing a breast pump to assist in expressing at the office.

TIP 7:

Breastfeed directly before and after work and whenever you and your baby are together.

TIP 8:

Dress in clothes that enable you to breastfeed or express milk easily.

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