Feeding Spoon Set

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Soft materials make it a perfect fit for a baby’s lips. Positioning Stopper prevents the spoon from going too far into your baby’s mouth.


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Ideal in helping you feed when your child first starts weaning.

  • Specially designed to fit baby’s mouth comfortably and safely
  • Uniquely designed with Positioning Stopper to prevent spoon from going too far into baby’s mouth
  • Two types of spoons – Green for use with purees, Pink for use with juice and soups
  • Perfect for eating and sipping, avoids spills

How to start weaning:
Slowly introduce the spoon to your child with first weaning foods. Initially, your child may reject the spoon as they are accustomed to the natural reflexes of drinking milk. However, with practice and patience, your child will gradually learn to open his/her mouth when the spoon is placed closed to their lips and close their mouths when the spoon is being pulled out. When they have mastered eating first weaning foods, your may want to introduce liquids using the spoon.

Part Material Heat Resistance Sterilization Method
Handle of spoon Polypropylene 120°C Boiling, Microwave, Chemical
Tip of spoon TPE (SEPS) 120°C

Do not place the item near an open flame. Heating for a long time in the microwave may change the shape.


The Weaning Spoon gives you and your child enjoyable meal times.  Weaning Spoon is ideal when introducing first weaning foods into your child’s diet.

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