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To install the Wuggy seat well: Remove the buckle and open the zipper on the back side. Next, adjust the seat so that the crotch belt is in the center of the frame before attaching. For details, please refer to "How to attach and detach the seat" in the instruction manual.
The bouncer (Wuggy) can be used for children from 1 month to 30 months of age (maximum weight under 15 kg). However, long-term use may cause the bouncer to gradually lose its original strength or to break due to loosening of various parts. Please discontinue using the bouncer after 4 years of use.
The Wuggy Baby Bouncer is an indoor product and should be used indoors. However, it can be used on balconies or other places with a stable floor. *Please be careful not to get it wet, as wetting it in the rain can cause the pipes to rust and lead to colour fading of the fabric.
The sheet can be washed in a washing machine. However, please fold it in three so that the buckle is facing inward and put it in a laundry net before washing. For details, please refer to "▶Care Instructions" in the instruction manual.
Yes. The Wuggy head pillow should be used from 1 to 4 months of age (until the baby's neck is fully formed). Since the pillow is only for neck support, there is no problem using the bouncer without it.
Please do not allow your child to sit in the bouncer for too long, stop using it after 2 hours. Do not use the bouncer as a bed.
Here's how to adjust the recline on the Wuggy bouncer in 2 simple steps: (1) With the lever pushed inward, release the knob while slightly lifting the frame. (2) Lift the frame until it snaps into place.
Once your child is able to sit up, you can use the Wuggy bouncer as a chair. When your child is able to stand on his/her own, please stop using it as a bouncer and switch to using it as a chair. The standard usage period for the bouncer is 7 months. The recommended use period is from around 7 months to 30 months (15 kg).