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Mineral residues may deposit on the heating plate after a few sterilisation cycles. To avoid limescale from building up, wipe the surfaces with a soft clean cloth after each use.Basic Maintenance (Using Lemon Juice Method) 1. Extract 160ml of lemon juice into a cup. 2. Pour onto the heating plate without boiling. DO NOT start any cycle of the steriliser. 3. Leave it on for 30 minutes. 4. Use a soft clean cloth to remove remaining limescale. 5. Rinse with a cup of clean water and use a soft dry clean cloth to wipe dry. Monthly Maintenance (Using Vinegar Method) 1. Mix 80ml of water and 40ml of vinegar into a cup. 2. Pour the solution on the heating plate & cover the steriliser with the lid cover. Do not place other parts (bottle tray 6 accessories tray) during descaling. 3. Press the Button twice to Sterilise Function Only to boil for l minute 30 Seconds. 4. Switch OFF the main power & leave the steriliser to stand for 30 minutes. CAUTION: Combined mixture is HOT. 5. With a clean soft cloth, wipe off any stains or limescale. 6. Drain & rinse steriliser to wash away vinegar solution. 7. Pour 160ml of clean water, switch ON to run a full cycle. (AUTO Mode) 8. Switch OFF the main power, rinse & wipe clean the steriliser. Refer to product manual for more detailed information.
Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry Sterilizer temperature* can reach 100°C during Sterilizing mode and up to 108°C during Dry mode. *Temperature refers to one-time Automatic Sterilizing & Drying mode using 160ml of water at room temperature of 25°C at 230V.  
Please follow the steps below to get your Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry sterilizer working again:
  1. Unit is unplugged: Make sure the plug is securely inserted into the power outlet.
  2. Insufficient water on heating plate: Add 160ml of water to the heating plate.
For more information, you may refer to the Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry sterilizer product manual. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care at +65 6541 1700 or email [email protected]
To clean, simply follow the procedures below:
  1. 1. After using, switch off the power plug and remove it from the power source.
  2. 2. Remove remaining residues from the equipment and dry clean with a piece of clean cloth. DO NOT immerse the Heating Base in water.
  3. 3. Use a piece of soft clean cloth to gently wipe dry the all the parts and lid cover. It is recommended to clean your sterilizer once in every 3 days.
  4. 4. The fi­lter can be removed and rinsed clean with water once a week. Make sure the ­filter is completely dry before inserting it back.
  To prevent damage to the appliance, do not use alkaline cleaning agents. When cleaning, use a soft, clean cloth and liquid cleanser.
All Pigeon Sterilizers come with 15 months warranty period, covering the heating mechanism of the heating base unit only. Kindly retain the original purchase receipt (make a photocopy/take a snapshot) to qualify for the warranty.
Only place items that are suitable for sterilizing and drying with hot air like Pigeon products such as SofTouch™ Nursing Bottles, nipples, pacifier/soother, MagMag cup and breast pumps parts. Make sure to disassemble and clean all parts before placing them in your Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry Sterilizer.
Products that are not suitable to sterilize with Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry Sterilizer are:
  1.  Electric components (e.g. Pigeon breast pump)
  2.  Parts that are not suitable for sterilizing and drying with high heat* as per according to manufacturer instructions.
*Pigeon Superfast Steam & Dry Sterilizer will reach up to temperature of 108°C  during Drying mode
You can sterilize and dry up to 6 wide-neck nursing bottles and accessories at a time.
The T-Ester material allows several sterilization methods. You can use any of the methods such as boiling, steam sterilization, chemical sterilization and UV sterilization for T-Ester bottles. When using UV sterilizer with drying function, it is necessary to place the bottle body at least 1 inch (2.54cm) away from the inner wall/ceiling where the air ventilation outlet is. This may avoid any damage or deterioration of the bottle.
All tap water contains mineral deposits that are invisible to the naked eye. When heated at high temperature, water evaporates and leaves a thin layer of mineral deposits (Lime scale) on the heating plate. Such deposits look dirty and are often mistaken as rust. If deposits are not cleared regularly, it will affect the performance of your Sterilizer. We recommend 2 ways of removing the lime scale residue:
  • Lemon Juice Cleaning
  • Vinegar & Water Cleaning
You may follow the descaling method here or refer to the product manual for sterilizers for detailed information.
There are not much bubbles forming because the Liquid Cleanser is made from food-grade ingredients and safe to use. Its unique low foaming formula make its perfect for easy rinsing yet at the same time the formula works well to clean away milk stains.
You would still need to sterilize your items separately after washing. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is a detergent, so it should not be used for as a sterilization method. Please sterilize nursing bottles, nipples, and other parts after washing them sufficiently with the detergent by any of the following methods; sterilization by boiling, microwave steam, or with a chemical solution. In addition, when sterilizing with microwave steam, please use a special sterilization container.
The Pigeon Liquid Cleanser can be used for both soaking and washing. Just like normal household detergents, it can be dispensed directly on a brush or sponge to do cleaning. It can also be used for soaking.
PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the ideal and safe cleanser to be used for cleaning baby accessories such as nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys.  You can even use it to wash fruits and vegetables.  It contains 100% food grade ingredients, and minimises baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals.  It is strong and effective against dirt and milk stains yet harmless and safe for babies. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial properties, and is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.
PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the only brand available in Singapore that is made with 100% food grade ingredients, which makes it an ideal cleanser that is safe for babies. Such food grade ingredients are more expensive than other ingredients which are not food grade.
Please do not store the PIGEON Liquid Cleanser in high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight and use it as soon as possible after opening the package.