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We have a huge range of weaning products that are helpful when you are bringing your baby out. We recommend our Feeding Dish with Spoon or Do-it-myself Spoon Fork Set. Both sets come with lids and offer you the convenience of storing baby’s food securely when you bring your baby out. Alternatively, if you are looking to just bring a set of kid's cutlery for your little one, you may consider the Self-weaning Fork and Spoon with Case.
If your Mag Mag cup is leaking, it might be due to the gasket placement. During dismantling and assembling of the Mag Mag Cup, the white gasket could have been placed wrongly; the protruding part of the gasket should be facing you to make the product leak-proof. Thus we recommend you checking on the position of the gasket.  In particular, please check the following:
  • Is the gasket attached?
  • Are the air valves completely pressed in the "Closed" direction? Check to see whether the valves are completely set by pressing them from both sides
  • Is the straw hood completely closed? The cup is designed so that tilting causes the contents to flow out of the tip of the straw. There will be no leakage if the hood is completely closed